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    Shopping Sites (HH, Fetish Fashion)

    Shop based in Frankfurt, Germany, good quality italian highheeled shoes - nice collection of leather boots & shoes.

    sells sexy high heel Footwear. The styles include Sandals, Mules, Pumps, Boots, Platforms & Heeled Ballet shoes. Footwear sizes range up to 12(UK)/14(US), and 4" to 9" Heels.
    Speciality: superb Metal Heel shoes and Rubber Boots!

    Italian Heels (see gallery 14 for pics & details)
    High Heel online shop- nice italian craftsmen quality collection - medium range in styles, but really good details on their pumps, sandals, mules, boots and platforms.

    High Heels - HHFC Shop
    German shop with some really wonderful and high quality HH shoes, such as this HH mule:Wow - superb leather, perfect fit and great craftmanship.

    Online-Shop based in Germany, specialised on platforms - good collection of boots & shoes.

    German online shop with great photo gallery and really reasonable priced HH shoes - hard to find these days!

    London based manufacturer and online shop with the most outstanding range of highest quality ultra-high heels to be chosen individually in style, heels- metal heels as well! Yes, almost perfect but - rather expensive.

    Italian High Heel Manufacturer - now online, but terribly bad site (for information only) - they do not sell online.

    Manufacturere of very exotic ultra-high shoe collection. You simply got to see it - here's an example (up to 6" stained platform!), or take this - incrdible!

    High Heel Heaven
    Offline well known as "The Little Shoe Box" Boutique in London, this could be called a online shop version of it.
    Lovers of ultra-high platforms will like it.

    Arch Enemys
    "Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world." - Marilyn Monroe. Nice shop, but rather expensive. the way - they sell a true '7 inch' heeled pump!

    The Highest Heel
    High Heel shop with especially ultra-high platform shoes and boots.

    German shop, especially nice ankle boots. Used to be not very reliable or of particularly high quality but that might as well have changed to good - nice photos anyway :-)

    La Piazza
    High Heel Fashion shop - extreme styles wanted? They have them!

    The Shoe Palace
    Good selection of High Heels. Advantage: High quality of photos - "what you see is what you get".

    Swiss shop for exclusive High Heels and elegant women's shoes.
    Their Legs and High Heels World (free pics).

    Bad Influence
    Fetish Shop featuring 'Imagine' Shoes and Boots (by Leatherworks, London) but very expensive.
    Other collections: Ectomorph and SkinTwo Rubber, Vollers corsets, ...

    Most likely the best known HighHeels manufacturer in Paris, finally went online with quite a good online shop.

    eXtrem Zapatos
    One of three online brands for High Heels, eXpcreativa has online.

    Frederick's of Hollywood
    Frederick's fabulous shoes.

    "Fetis" (Switzerland)
    HH shop, exotic models as well, but high prices.

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