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    Fetish Fashion Shopping Sites

    The best manufacturer of made-to-measure leather CORSETS*! Located in Frankfurt/M, Germany.
    Karl Schumacher, corset-maker since 20 years, fulfills your wildest corset dreams.

    *) I took these photos in one of our last photo sessions.

    The House of Harlot
    The ultimate Latex fashion designers! Quality and styles you've never seen before. Realize your wildest dreams - made-to-measure with perfect fit!
    Their catalogue really is worth ordering (veery nice pics ;-); some examples of their collection: corset ZOE, cincher corset JORDAN, outfit Ladies Suit .

    Marquis Online
    High class fetish fashion, accessoires, books, CD-Roms,...
    and some great High Heels!. Here's one beautiful sample pic.

    One from Marquis Online!

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