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Photography books with High Heels pictures - You can order them directly at Amazon.
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Steve Diet Goedde (USA)
His strong images have a charm, affection and wry humour.
That's why he is one of may favorite photographers. His Links


His latest Fetish & High Heels Book: The Beauty of Fetish:

The beauty of fetish - buy it today!The beauty of fetish - sample
If you like beautiful women wearing Fetish and High Heels, it's for you.
Not only the best present you could get for that little fetishist in your life, it's a good gift for anyone interested in beauty and art!
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Eric Kroll (USA)
Well known Fetish photographer - he always uses only the highest heels!
There are two books available with lots of beatuful platform high heels.

Beauty Parade - Buy it today!

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Fetish Girls - Buy it today!
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Richard Kern (USA)
His photo book contains quite a few veery interesting HH's too.

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Doris Kloster (USA)

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Her latest Fetish & High Heels Book: Form of Desire
Buy it today!.


Lee Higgs
Photographer who works for quite a few wellknown fetish mags.
William Poutinen
A New Face in cool fetish photography.

Ben Westwood (UK)
A young photographer - son of Vivienne Westwood. Recently released an extraordinary photo book with lots of VW High Heel photos!

Buy it today! (at only)

Tony Ward
Glamour and Fetish photographer whose book is on Edition Stemmle.
His X Files



Trevor Watson
Superb photographer whose work regularly appears in Skin Two.

Bettina Rheims
A well known french photographer - she has done quite a few interesting erotic books
- always with HH's too.

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Buy it today! (at only)

Buy it today!
Kaufen Sie es!
EROTIQUE: Masterpieces of Erotic Photography
A outstanding book giving the most terrific overview of the beloved subject - many HH photos too.
Buy it today!

Buy it today!

Roy Stuart
In walking the thin line between erotic photography and porn
- He is a true master.


Roy Stuart: Vol. I
Intensely voyeuristic, hot
- but also intrusive.
Buy it today!

Buy it today!
Roy Stuart: The Virgins (Vol. II)
Buy it today!

Kevin Davies (UK)
Cover and fashion work for Skin Two with top-quality
-photography of the Vogue kind.



Jeremy Chaplin (UK)
Did some beautiful fashion work for Skin Two and Murray&Vern.



Robert Chouraqui (F)
Faithfully documented the fetish scene from a parisian viewpoint.



Emma Delves-Broughton (UK)
One of the new generation of talented women in fetish photography.



Jo Hammar (D)

Erik Hansen (DK)

Herbert W. Hesselmann (D)

Sandra Jensen (NO)

Karo (D)

Grace Lau (UK)

Nic Marchant (UK)

Mike McMillan (UK)

Craig Morey (USA)

Christophe Mourthé (F)

Gérard Musy (F)

Perou (UK)


Peter Ashworth (UK)
...supposed to be the best rubber photographer - eg. the Murray&Vern catalogues.



Gilles Berquet (F)
Unique combination of glamorous and hardcore fetish aethetics.



Chris Bell (UK)
He has a fantasticallysharp eye for details
- among them the 'Heel' shot for Skin Two No 6.



Alexander Bratell & Steven Cook (UK)
Photographer and Photoshop artist team - their work is a lesson
in how it should be done.



Bob Carlos Clarke (UK)
A true pioneer of fetishistic imagery with an eye for a gorgeous model
and a classic pose.



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